Today we organized the presentation of a very special book: SURFLARIA ETA PARADISUA (“The Surfer and Paradise”).

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It´s a honour to collaborate in the presentation of this book. It´s author, Iñigo Ostolaza, is member of the Surfilmfestibal family, we met through the festival, he was member of the jury in 1 edition, and he has always been a great supporter of the event in every edition, celebrating great moments, and helping us during tough moments. The design of the book is by Jorge Elosegui, who´s studio Cosas Primo has designed some epic posters for the festival.

Surfilmfestibal is not happening this year, but thanks to collaborations such as this one, our brand is alive participating in projects where surf meets culture.

Surflaria eta Paradisua is not a book about surfing. It´s anthropology, sociology, urbanism, enviromentalism, it tells us the life of a person, who thanks to surfing sees the world from his small village, Orio, how he grows there, and with the excuse of searching for waves he finds an interest in far away places. In part it celebrates our culture, the fantastic encounters of brothers on the road, the celebration of nature, the nurturing of passion written in bold letter, but also the conflicts we live as surfers. Losing innocence, the destruction of a classic rivermouth under tons of cement, the crowds, the egoism and localism to protect “our” waves…

The book is writen in Basque, in the oldest language in Europe, and we have already asked the author, Iñigo Urdinaga, to translate it into Spanish and English. We hope he heeds us soon. It is organized in brief fragments and it is easy-to-read, but brings a background as well. It tells true facts, the author´s intmacies and relevant events on the history of surf, so as to refect on the human nature, the evoluton of surf, the need for balance, etc.

The world of surfng, like Earth, is getng overcrowded; good waves are a limited natural resource and surf’s hyper-commercializaton is causing problems. The book brings a critcal vision, without seeking controversy. At the same tme, it makes us thoroughly enjoy the beauty and epic of surfing. It also includes surf-related quotatons from great authors such us Melville, Mark Twain, Jack London, Agatha Christe, Eduardo Galeano, Bruce Chatwin, William Finnegan... The book is well documented, although it was not conceived to learn, but to enjoy pleasure of reading.

Iñigo is a lifelong surfer and stll goes on surfng hard; he has travelled the world and loves good books; he has a vast surfng culture and this book is a clear evidence of it. He has just started up a blog to include content related to people, places and topics mentoned in the book.

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Today we organized the presentation of a very special book: SURFLARIA ETA PARADISUA (“The Surfer and Paradise”).

Surfilmfestibal is ON HOLD!

After a run of 14 consecutive years, the festival will take a break in 2017. It hasn’t been an easy decision. We needed some space to think and some time to surf.


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