SAVAGE CINEMA takes off on Friday 18 sept.

A total of 8 titles, among them HEAVY WATER, the film on NATHAN FLETCHER´s life

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In this year’s line up, the section announces six movies and two shorts, including Michael Oblowitz last film Heavy Water. Xavier De Le Rue, Nathan Fletcher and Rafa Ortiz, together with seven of the directors, will be attending the premieres of their films at some of the city’s best venues, among them Teatro Victoria Eugenia and the Kursaal.

SAVAGE CINEMA is the adventure and action sports films section created in 2013 in collaboration with Red Bull Media House. A consolidated engagement in a territory with an enormous tradition of sea and mountain sports, which has brought to San Sebastian the most prestigious producers and athletes in the genre, turning the city into a global gathering point between cinema and sport.

Since the first BIG FRIDAY, where 2.500 people attended the European premiere of Storm Surfers 3D, with Tom Carroll and Ross Clark Jones on stage, some key surf films have seen their world premiere with us. Spirit of Akasha with the presence of Andrew Kidman, Stephanie Gilmore, Lee Ann Curren and Patrick Trefz; and Bella Vita with Jason Baffa, Chris del Moro and David Rastovich.
A super opportunity for niche films to reach bigger audiences, or a perfect platform for more ambitious films to reach the cinema world, “Savage Cinema” aims to show the best films with an uttermost respect for the core and its values.

Michael Oblowitz will join the list as he will present the World premiere of Heavy Water, which will take place on Friday 25th at Kursaal 2 (00h).

In 2015 “Savage Cinema” presents its biggest and most varied selection of titles to date. A total of 8 works going deeper into the big action sport themes: the lineage and transmission of passions and freedom reflected in The Search For Freedom and Panaroma; the desire to excel and earn recognition behind a major project like that of Chasing Niagara or Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans; the interior exploration portrayed in the short film, Paul; the discovery of new territories with Xavier De Le Rue in Degrees North; and the constancy, the value of life and risk pushed to the edge of death narrated in Meru and Heavy Water.



From his first sorties at big Waimea at 11 years of age, Nathan Fletcher showed a prodigious aptitude to big wave surfing. He grew into a professional surfer following in his father and grandfather footsetps, trying to conquer the giant surf of the Hawaiin Outer reefs. In Sion Milowsky, Nathan found an equally driven peer. Together they reignited the “big gun” style of paddle in surfing. Our story follows our modern day Big Wave adventures as they live out the drama in an arena that encounters life and death.

About Michael Oblowitz
Author of the cult film Sea of Darkness, premiered in Las Vegas in 2009, and which saw it´s European premiere at Surfilmfestibal in 2010, Oblowitz is back with another key story in the surfing World. Again, this is not a surf movie, it is a film about people that have made surfing their lives, dictating the way they live and die. Michael Oblowitz, born in South Africa, is a keen surfer who regularly surfs the waters of Venice, where he lives.  He was involved in New York’s No Wave subculture in the 1970s and 80s. His first works, dating back to that time, are screened today in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He has helmed action and horror movies. He is the author, among other titles, of On the Borderline (2001), The Foreigner (2003) and Out for a Kill (2003),both starring Steven Seagal, and The Traveler (2010), with Val Kilmer.

About Nathan Fletcher
He was born (1974) in San Clemente in an influential surf-world family. He was riding serious waves at the age of 8 but at 16 burned out and jumped into snowboarding and motocross. Runned out of money and come back to surf at Teahupoo in 1998 where he earned two perfect 10s and the respect of the community. Since then Nathan is at the forefront of a global obscure surfing movement.


Savage Cinema line up:
STEVE MCQUEEN: THE MAN & LE MANS. John McKenna, Gabriel Clarke. Estreno en España
DEGREES NORTH. Guido Perrini. Estreno mundial
PANAROMA. Jon Herranz. Estreno en España
CHASING NIAGARA. Rush Sturges. Estreno mundial
MERU. Jimmy Chin, Chai Vasarhelyi. Estreno en España
THE SEARCH FOR FREEDOM. Jon Long. Estreno en España
PAUL. Victor van Vloten, Robert van Wingerden. Estreno mundial
HEAVY WATER. Michael Oblowitz. Estreno mundial


Directors and athletes attending:
John McKenna. Dir. Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans
Xavier De Le Rue. Snowboarder protagonista de Degrees North
Guido Perrini. Dir. Degrees North
Rafa Ortiz. Kayaker protagonista de Chasing Niagara
Rush Sturges. Dir. Chasing Niagara
Jon Herranz. Dir. Panaroma
Michael Oblowitz. Dir. Heavy Water
Nathan Fletcher. Surfista protagonista de Heavy Water
Victor van Vloten y Robert van Wingerden. Dirs. Paul

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