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13 June


Exhibition: Skeleton Sea. From 9 June to 29 August.
Mankind turns the land and the sea into a giant waste bin. By now the constant flow of human garbage reaches the deepest and most remote ocean regions on this planet. Next to toxic materials the huge amount of plastic waste poses one of the biggest threats to the Oceans. Because plastic does not decompose every single plastic particle will stay in the water for good and will inevitable find it’s way back to it’s maker.

Exposition: Keep A Breast. From 10 to 13 June

Noventa Grados
13 June
10:00-13:00 / 16:00-20:00


Artist: Patrick Trefz. 2010. USA.

Patrick Trefz, already blew our minds with Thread a couple of years ago; now he is presenting a collection of photographs from his new project: Idiosyncrasies. Patrick keeps offering his peculiar approach to surfing through unique characters -some of them are well known, others not as much- away from the spotlight of traditional surf media, whose stories however have a big impact on us.

The project has three different parts: the photo exhibition presented by Surfilm Festibal, the film and a book to be released in September. Galeria Nocolor will be hosting a selection of stunning shots from the filming of Idiosyncrasies. Showcased in different formats and sizes, the selection of photos consists of breathtaking portraits, lonely perfect waves, and the amazing surfing delivered by the portrayed characters. It is Trefz´s first exhibition in Europe, and a unique opportunity to buy these astounding photos.

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