Surfilmfestibal 11 kicks off! First stop, May 25 at Guardetxe

The first Surfilmfestibal 11 event is launched! Surf Horror and Science Fiction, a new bizarre prank we’ll be presenting on May 25th at the Guardetxe, one of our favourite venues. A tribute to class Z films including surf, hoarse poetry and raw surf music.

Kárate a muerte en Torremolinos, winner of several Godoy awards (for the WORSE Spanish film!) and Psycholettes short-film, both by Pedro Temboury, followed by two more short-films: Shvde, Monsieur Motosierre, El Nombre De La Quilla y Duct Tape Biarritz.


We are mega stoked: Jack Coleman is giving us the SECRET SOUND UNDERGROUND European premiere!!
Full of contradictions for the modern world, Coleman documents some of the most cutting edge, progressive surfers in the world, with cameras and filming technique that even Bruce Brown would have felt confortable with! Humour, aesthetic extravaganza, analogic / digital noise... Jack is for sure one of the visionaries of surf film making...

 Spoken Word by Luís Tejerina (from Oficina de Hechos) accompanied by Unai Azkune aka Pichu’s guitar.

We are very pleased to announce this year’s Festibaila opener, The Longboards, instrumental surf trio from Bilbao, who will present their new album: Insane.
Last but not least, Marie Delaure will set the place on fire with her mix of garage, surf and rock’n roll on the turntable.

Don’t panic! we’ll have some Mexican food to survive to all the carnage!

The night will end (or not) at BeBop bar from 2:00, where Pedro Temboury will be mixing his selection of tunes and DJ Gab will delight us with his jazz-funk-house.

Tickets -9€- will be on sale at the entrance. Doors open at 19:30 on. Watch out! Limited Capacity!

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