Exhibition at the Okendo Art House. Opening friday 22th, 19.30.

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Surf, Civilization and Barbarism is our art exhibition at the Okendo Art House. With the help of photography, films, objects, the exhibition takes us to key surf spots around the world to learn about frictions, but mostly to understand how they can be solved.

From the 60´s when surfing was a fringe sport, and beaches were heavens, to nowadays when surfing is a mass sport in many places, surfers have been, in some cases, actors of an aggressive development, and a close spectator in others. Now we start to be a respected voice fighting for the preservation of perfect waves that have a social and economical value in its environment.


ARTISTS attending:

Alan Van Gysen (photography)
Alfredo Escobar (photography)
Andy Huges (photography)
Arnie Wong (video / animation)
Braulio (photography)
Bruno Garrudo (photography)
Craig Peterson (photography)
Elohand (illustration)
Gibus de Soultrait (texto de reflexión)
Iker Basterretxea “Roke” (photography)
Jack McCoy (photography)
John Long (video)
Joli (illustration)
Jorge García (photography)
Kai Neville (video)
Lance (photography)
Ron Stoner (photography)
Marc Conca (photography)
Pablo Ugartetxea (painting)
Patrick Trefz (photography)
Rodrigo Farías (photography)
Ryan Burch (surfboard)
Taishi Hirokawa (photography)
Tony Butt (texto reflexión)
Javi Muñoz "Pacotwo" (photography)
Gabi García (video)


Exhibition opening on June 26th until August 22nd.

Casa Cultura Okendo:
Monday to Friday: 10:00-14:00 / 16:00-20:30
Saturdays: 10:00-14:00 / 16:30-20:00
Avenida de Navarra 7, Donostia

The photos of the exposition have been produced by Estudios Durero.


Photo © Bruno Garrudo - Deambulaçoes

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