Skeleton Sea, an environmental manifest

Mankind turns the land and the sea into a giant waste bin.

By now the constant flow of human garbage reaches the deepest and most remote ocean regions on this planet. Next to toxic materials the huge amount of plastic waste poses one of the biggest threats to the Oceans. Because plastic does not decompose every single plastic particle will stay in the water for good and will inevitable find it’s way back to it’s maker.

Skeleton Sea is a group of 3 surfers all of them work as artists.

We get to know each other fortunately because we are passionate surfers and travelling is an integral part of our lifestyle.

The first idea of Skeleton Sea was born at the azores. After some time it developed into the project which it is now.

At the moment there are two sides of the Skeleton Sea project; First of all Skeleton Sea is all about art. We show our projects at art exhibitions and conferences. Another goal of Skeleton Sea is to design biodegradable and green products.

Many years ago we went to the azores and surfed close to a very old village. There was so much garbage around this place; not just a little bit of garbage A LOT of garbage! This trash had to come from somewhere else. We decided that we had to make something out of the garbage and we started to create this installations right on the beach.

To collect garbage from the sea is very important for us because we love the sea.

The idea for this installation came to us after a beachcleaning in Fuerteventura. We found so many flip flops on the beach and in the Ocean. It`s very strange but the beaches are full of flip flops washed ashore. ''I dont know why but to me it seems that every human in the world is losing one shoe to the sea!''

''We want to raise awareness for a cleaner ocean. Plastic does not disapear in the water. It takes a flip flop about 1000 years to disapear.``

''After we separated all the trash, the pile of flip flops reminded us on the skin of a fish. So we decided to build a flip flop fish out of them. We build the fish in a 24 hours session right on the beach . After we finished the fish people asked us what we were about to do with it. We answered that we would release it into the sea.

It was a provocation for the people around: We put the fish into the water and let it swim – of course only for a while.

Every Surfer and every person who loves the Ocean and the beach has to take responsibility and take care for what they love. It`s like protecting your family, like a peace of your life.

With releasing the flip flop fish into the sea we wanted to provoke and make people think. If we dont care for our ocean, the fishes of the future will be out of garbage.



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