We like Acid!!!

We like acid, in all its forms. We like the politically incorrect, and mostly we really like antiestablishment in the mega conservative surf industry / media. That´s why we´ve wanted to get together with the minds behind Acid Magazine since their very beginnings! In this year´s festival we´ve programmed a clip from them, a mash up of some of their favorite surf imagery.

Acid Surfing

Acid Surfing

Here is a little interview with Olivier Talbot, one of their thinkers, who also happens to be friends with Kote (nothing good then!)

1. Acid surfing as a statement: what is your in between the lines reading?
There are several readings, yes, but the most important is: Acid is an abrasive reaction to the establishment in surf media. Then, the editorial vision goes further, but the it all starts by taking away the fat to portray surf with freshness.
The other layers are less important, there´s a reference to Soma, a french skate mag, and another to 80´s fun culture. And probably there is more.


2. In your last issue, you talk about landscaping, architecture: Does concrete, asphalt excite you? Or you always do it backwards?
More than the concrete, we find surfing fascinating as an entry point to talk about the world, and in the way you put it, on how our coastline is designed. Its mind blowing to realize that behind the very eco / natural of surfing´s image, nowadays it is practiced in an environment super manipulated by mankind. It´s not that we are in favour of the untouched vs the artificial, both are hypnotizing interactions between the ocean and the coastline. More so in Barcelona, where we started to surf, there are only absolutely artificial spots.

3. You are french, now Olivier you live in the mountains, and you started in Barcelona. Do you think that the lack of waves stimulates the brain / leaves time for other interests within our contemporary culture?
No, I don t think so. Being curious and lively is a characteristic of each one, it has nothing to do with how busy you are.

4. What have you prepared for Surfilmfestibal12?
It´s an experiment, we tried to take our editorial line into video: choose things that we like, mix´em until something stimulating comes out. A pot pourri of shorts. We´ll see.