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06.06 Clean Waves


Surf and the sun is here! But it starts rain again this afternoon! Crazy spring here in the basque country, poor surf, non stop rain… Today is the day Ines Susaeta starts

Yesterday Inés Susaeta set up her Workshops at Montes + Múgica. After a very succesfull opening last week, 2 persons were allready waiting for her and her Jewels. She is going to have her pop up workshop, in the amazing space located at the Narrika 1 street, until saturday 08.06.  A unique opportunity to see her working live, to see how she shapes her delicate but powerfull vision on her work. SUSAETA . REINHARDT . DECOSTER  is the most sophisticated exhibition we have organized. The mix of Susaeta´s Jewels born from the sea, Valentine Reinhardt and her fantastic, irreal landscapes, and Pandora Decoster and her unique film universe. 3 girls, second generations surfers, iconic names in the Basque Coast. Unique!
IMG_4416Photo: ©Roke
1rPhoto: ©Marc Gasso

Clean Waves days continue in the Aquarium. At 20.30, surf and oil. Antje Beyen is bringing us Clean Ocean Project, and tells us what sustainable development alternatives can be found in the Canary Islands. Juanjo González brings us his National Manifest for the Protection of Waves, a radical needed Project! Lets see how we can Project our best waves with this concept
Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 23.25.41Photo: ©CleanOceanProject
To finish it off, the European premiere of Groundswell, directed by Chris Malloy. We will discover an untamed, wild area in British Columbia, Canada, and how its pristine nature is at stake due to the possible construction of a oil pipeline, and port to ship the oil out. Follow the Malloys, style master Trevor Gordon, hear the locals and see its magic, perfect set ups.

Patagonia Groundswell Trailer from george manzanilla @ rundfunk on Vimeo.

Sancho Rodriguez

Adventure No11

It´s 22.28, tuesday June 4th. Tomorrow starts the heavy week of the festival. Clean Waves, Aquarium of San Sebastian, 19.00 NY After Sandy, screening curated by my friend Tyler Breuer, Mastermind behind SMASH NY. As a last second film, we are going to screen NY Surfers, codirected by my dear friend, Jamie Brisick, and Gisela Matta, in honour of Gi…

Doing Surfilmfestibal has been, is and always will be a great adventure. This year the Adventure nº11, 11 editions of the festival, and title of the mockumentary Kepa Acero starred. That 11th of april started the countdown to the festival, the last sprint before opening the gate. Ondartxo, Pasaia. The Jaizkibel dredging boat, it´s 09.30 in the morning, the whole team is there, Kepa as our basque Bill Murray, Pitxu, the basque Seu Jorge, Estaban Ramos the ace filmmaker (after also editing, colour correcting, well everything!), Iker Basterretxea, my great friend Roke with his analogic quiver of cameras, Marc Gasso, my brother from the Maresme, the master of “cebo” shots, where 1 foot looks epic (thanks mediterranean upbringing!) , Elise Toledo, all style, taking care of the stylism of the boys, Laida Nagore, with her delicate embroidery of the “11” as an Z in homage to Zissou…, and trying to put order in all this, Angela Zozaya, the key person in this organization! 2 magic days, Kepa was outstanding, Pitxu too, Karla Unanua en her brief star appearance in the desert Beach of Gros. Perfect! We sincerely thought that only about 10% of humanity would relieve it! It seems quite a few more did… bravo Kepa! Thanks to all the team!
a bandPhoto: ©Marc Gasso
JaizkibelPhoto: ©Marc Gasso
We hope the work of a year is worth it, that the contents are the best. Thanks to all the filmakers, artists, that have sent their work of art created with pure passion. Unfortunately we´ve had to leave out very good Works for a lack of space for everything… now hope all the boys come to the screenings, environmental sessions, art exhibitions and of course, the super party!!! ROCKERS vs SURFERS vs MODERNOS!! IT´S FREE! SO YOU KNOW! COME OVER!!

dalePhoto: ©Marc Gasso
IMG_1066©rokePhoto: ©Roke


05.06 2 very special sessions. The first one, NY After Sandy, curated by Tyler Breuer, original founder of the NY Surf Film Festival, and now leading SMASH. I asked him to design a session to Discovery the surf vibe in NY. He has prepared some Jewels, some heavy, the vision after the hurricane, other simbolici, others with very good surf, and a jewel, absolutely ironic, a nod to classic surf Films in a contemporary, COOK assault way! Thanks Tyler for showing us your surf. I hope our people will get to know better your scene, and this helps in the rebuilding of the community. Mike Machemer, original partner with Tyler, has prepared a playlist of NY themed songs to listen in our cinema, but I can t seem to connect with his spotify!
532238_280131995427351_2059213677_nPhoto: ©Kook Paradise

The second is about erosion, and sand traficking! SOS Litoral denounces the Project to sell dredged sand from our beloved beaches of Anglet. I remember perfectly when we used to surf the waves of La Barre (not the mithycal point which disappeared in the 70s) at the end of the 80´s, the long Leith sheltered by the Cavallier breakwall. Kakas, Jos, Tom and Juantxo would take Peta, Poti, Paco and I surfing there. Long lefts, good walls, magic memories for a teenager… it doesn´t break like this anymore. And the boys from this NGO explain us why, through classic photos of La Barre, La Madrague… And after this, the projection of SANDWARS, a MUST SEE! Discover the different qualities of sand, the story of truly sand trafickers who contribuye to global erosion!!
sandwarsPhoto: ©SandWars

By Sancho.